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    Frequently asked questions

    What do I need to do to create my own product?
    On our website, you will find all the necessary information and support to create your own product. The product configurator will help you choose between different options and create your own product. Once you have made your selections, you can submit your request to us using the contact form.

    What is the process of a product creation?

    1. Choosing the shape/form
    2. Selecting the recipe/formula
    3. Choosing the flavor
    4. Selecting the color
    5. Choosing the sweetener
    6. Selecting the packaging type
    7. Choosing the label design

    How does the ordering process work ?
    No, we are exclusively contract manufacturers and carry
    not a private label.

    What do I have to pay attention to when creating the recipe?
    To place an order, please use our contact formula. After reviewing the parameters and mutual approval, we will create a deposit invoice. Once we receive the payment, we will schedule the order in our production planner and notify you of the production date. Our payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% before delivery, and our system operates on a first-in-first-out principle.

    How does the process of creating samples work?
    Samples that deviate from our standard products are produced individually. The associated fee for creating a sample is €500 per sample, which will be credited 50% towards a subsequent order.

    How can I obtain samples?
    To request samples, please use the contact form and specify which products you would like to receive samples for. Samples that deviate from our standard products or are not in stock need to be specially produced and may incur additional costs.

    What should I consider when creating a recipe/formula?
    When creating a recipe/formula, it is important to ensure that the maximum dosage limits are not exceeded. The recommended values of the EU can be found here: Certain ingredients may also be incompatible with each other or hinder the gelling process. In addition, certain ingredients such as Vitamin B12, with its color properties, may limit the range of colors the product can take on

    Are all products also available with a sugar substitute?
    We offer all recipes in a sugar-free form.

    Can I use all forms of vitamins and ingredients?
    Not all active ingredients are compatible with each other. Each newly developed formulation needs to undergo an evaluation of its ingredients.

    Are there also products based on gelatin?
    We exclusively use pectin to produce our products.

    I need the goods urgently can you deliver quickly?
    No, we cannot deliver below the currently applicable delivery times.

    What color and flavor can I choose for my product? 
    You can find a selection of possible colors and flavors under the tab “Colors” and “Flavors” or in the brochure.

    I want to use my own shape, is that possible?
    Yes, it is possible. Please use our contact form + product configurator and indicate which shape you want. We will forward the request to our mold maker. Custom shapes are associated with delivery times and additional costs.

    What are the current MOQ’s (minimum order of quantities) and lead times?
    You can find our current MOQ’s and lead times under the “Terms of delivery” tab.

    Can I buy in bulk?
    Yes, bulk can be bought in 5kg pouches with an MOQ of 650kg.

    I can’t supply the active ingredients, can you help me?
    We work closely with product suppliers. However, it may happen that certain products or dosage forms are not in stock or are not carried in our range. We will try to find alternatives, but we count on your own initiative.

    What packaging options are available?
    As a standard, we have the following packaging options in stock:

    • 150ml transparent & white in 45mm
    • 250ml transparent & white in 45mm
    • 250ml brown & transparent in 70mm
    • 300ml brown & transparent in 70mm

    Other colors are available upon request, subject to minimum order quantities and costs from the manufacturer.

    Is it possible to buy unlabeled bottles?
    Yes, this is possible.

    Can I use my own packaging?
    Yes, please send us a sample of your packaging to check the compatibility with our machines.

    Is it possible to mix different products in one jar?
    It is possible to mix 2-3 different products in one jar.

    Do I have to organize the shipping myself?
    No, we can ship the goods through our logistics partner and pass on the costs to you.

    What is important for transporting the goods?
    In transport, the product must always be kept within temperatures ranging from 18°C – 24°C. Temperature fluctuations must be avoided as they will cause the product to stick together.

    What should be considered during storage?
    The goods must always be stored between temperatures of 18°C – 24°C. Temperature fluctuations must be strictly avoided to prevent any defects in the product.

    How long is the product shelf life?
    The product has a minimum shelf life of 18-24 months. We ensure that the specified dosage values are present in the product within this time.

    My product is sticking together, what is the reason?
    The product sticks together to form a large lump when transport and storage conditions are not met. The optimal temperature is between 18°C – 24°C. If these conditions are exceeded, moisture forms inside the container. Due to the seal, this moisture cannot escape and sticks to the product. When the temperature drops, the moisture solidifies and causes the product to stick together.

    I am finding hard, white lumps in my product, what is this?
    These are undissolved pectin, which has no effect on the efficacy of the product or the health of the consumer.

    What is important for creating the label? 
    Guidelines and necessary declarations of ingredients should be obtained from the relevant authority. You can request a template via mail.

    How should the ingredients be listed on the label? 
    The ingredients can be taken from the analysis certificate. For the correct type of declarations, please contact the relevant authority in your country.

    What is a „CoA“?  
    „CoA“ stands for Certificate of Analysis and indicates the present ingredients along with their dosage.

    From which source do the vitamins come from?   
    The sources of vitamins can be found in the CoAs. For product specifications, please use our contact form.

    Where do you produce your products? 
    All our products are made in Germany.

    Where can I contact you?
    You can find possibilities to contact us by using our contact formula on the website or send us an e-mail directly to

    Does Brefapharm have its own brand? 
    No, we are strictly a contract manufacturer and do not have our own brand.